CES offers a full suite of services. Our core competencies are listed below, and a full list of our capabilities can be provided upon request.

Project Management

CES excels at managing projects from inception to execution.

Strategic Planning

Our strategic planning model can help you identify your goals, enact strategies to accomplish those goals, and evaluate your progress.

Marketing Strategy

Sustainably reach your goals with our forward-looking marketing approaches.

Data Analysis

Data Analysis is vital to discovering valuable insights that support decision-making.

Section 508 Compliance

CES can make your content accessible to ensure optimal user experience.

Photography & Videography

Trust us to digitally capture and edit important moments for future marketing and promotional efforts.

Production Management

Production management will streamline the production process, from planning, to organizing, to completion.

Graphic Design

CES has a wide array of design capabilities, including brochures, fact sheets, report and publication layout, conference displays, infographics, website design, social media content, email marketing, and logos and brand identity.

Event Planning

From in-person to virtual events, we specialize in executing an event from conception to conclusion.

Editorial & Technical Writing

Our team members thoroughly research and inform themselves with client affairs to produce compelling written work on a variety of relevant subjects.

Social Media Strategy & Execution

Our team can help you create a strategy, pick your platforms and manage your content and profile to create an optimal consumer experience.

Promotional Copywriting

Our researched methods of writing copy will engage your target audience and increase user interaction.

Meeting, Conferences & Expo Management

Our team has experience managing every detail of both in-person and virtual meetings, conferences, and expos.


Webinars & Other Web-based Education

In this digital age, the ability to share information and interact with key stakeholders is essential.


Website Development

By pairing user experience with clean design, CES can create website interfaces perfectly primed to reach their goal.